About us


You can contact us at contact@lifeemerging.org.

We are:

  • Hanna Hanna
    Level designer

    Hanna is our lead Level Designer, who has made over NINETHOUSAND LEVELS for this game and still keep on creating more and more each day. He makes everything from the shape of the level to the look of it.

    Hannas story:

    After Bruce Willis PWN'D the comet Armageddon back in 1998, came Armageddons brothers to earth to get back at Willis. Willis was busy being rich so he sent Hanna who trained the ancient PWNING art of teh Willis. As the match started, Hanna quickly noticed that the comets had bought a Black king bar, so they were immune to nukes if he would ever try to use that. SO, insted of nuking them, Hanna simply used his internal organs to strangel them death.

    Then Hanna went home and made lots of pancakes and some levels for Life Emerging.

  • Rueben Monsen
    Project manager

    Rueben is responsible for the whole project, so if you got any questions, complaints, tips etc., this is your man.

    Rueben's story:

    Blood. And darkness. Lots of darkness. And then came Rueben.

  • Sixten Hilborn
    Lead programmer

    Sixten is programming the whole shit. If the game crashes or has major bugs, it's his fault. However, Rueben is still the one you are to blame.

    Sixten's story:


  • Tumas2 Karlsson
    Lead graphics artist

    Tumas2 is not Thomas1, but he is the main guy drawing images and shit for the game.

    Tumas2's story:

    John Connor sent back T-2 to our time from the future, having him has the secret weapon against the Terminators and destroy the Internets. What Connor didn't know was that T-2 was a mole, now getting the chance to take over the Internet, but instead, the Internet took over T-2 because of its great powers and pr0nz. T-2 got confused, and decided to learn about the Internets to even have a chance, so he went to a school teaching about them where he got pwnt and now he's stuck drawing paintings and stuff from his time, the future, with lazors and that.

Special thanks to

  • Joel Sandberg

    Cousin to Sixten. Joel made Ultimate Arena with Sixten ("the predecessor" to Life Emerging; Life Emerging actually was written out from the engine of Ultimate Arena, making the games similar and sharing some design), so much of the credits goes to Joel as well. This doesn't make Joel inactive in the Life Emerging project: He has made a couple of nice levels for LE, and composed ALL of the EPIC music in the WHOLE GAME. WHOAAAH!

  • ZombieLoffe

    1867, there as a great physics...man by the name Lerdic of frichell Fonmer Elmstreet, who made lot's of awesome physics things and such. When developers of Life Emerging needed help, they resurrected Edward von Snichel Hammer Himer to help them with the site. They gave him the name ZombieLoffe cause he's a Zombie and loffe is short for Lerdic of frichell Fonmer Elmstreet.
    ZombieLoffe died from penis cancer and is now a zombie, so he never had or will have sex.


  • Melbrun
    How similar he even?

    He died, so we recorded the sound of his death and used it in the game.

  • RaketPastearn
    Happy man

    It just said swosh and he had made some sounds.

  • Hannez
    Alien from awter speys

    Alpha tester of the game, who helped us find some bugs during the good old times.