0.9003.1 (rev. 632)
  • Rewrote the collision detections between entities and the levels, to gain some performance and remove some bugs
  • Dead players are no longer visible on the minimap
  • Fixed some random crash bug when shutting down the game, and some other crash bugs aswell
  • Added a command line argument for the server, "-nomaster". It makes the game server to not connect to the master server
  • Improved the arrows pointing at other objects a bit
  • Added some cosmetic stuff:
    • When you die, your body keeps its velocity. So if you're in the air and get killed, your corpse will keep flying in the direction you where before you died
    • The weapon will now rotate to aim towards the cursor. Also, the weapon position in the character's hand is improved
    • When using jetpack, the character will rotate so that you can see in which direction someone is flying
    • The crawler now has a real model
  • Clusters from green grenades does now bounce on walls once
  • Fixed a graphics bug when drawing rotated sprites in software mode (SDL)
  • Made some other optimizations to the network protocol
  • Improved arrays in the JUST language

0.9002.1 (rev. 602)
This is mainly a bugfix version, but since I made some updates in the network protocol, I had to change "major" version to 9002, because this version isn't compatible with earlier ones.
  • Fixed a bug enabling you to "deny" a base in the base-mode (AYBABTU-mode) by shooting it with a powerful weapon when it has low health, giving it full HP again
  • Fixed some graphics "misses" with the minimap if playing in OpenGL-mode, making neither flags, bases nor the screen size visible on the minimap
  • Made some minor optimizations to the network protocol
  • Fixed bug with invisible NPCs (including snowmen)
  • Added some arrows to point where objects are in the level, if they are out of sight. This feature is still a little buggy, though, so I will update it soon
  • Finally supporting Linux again
  • Added admin commands through the game client
  • Made a little language improvement to JUST, for those who are interested. Default arguments are now supported

0.9001.1 (rev. 590)
  • Added some more sounds
  • Added two new game modes:
  • Added a new weapon "Railgun", which is a kind of lazer
  • Added three new maps to play the new game modes in, "ctf_forest", "base_candyland" and "aim_desert", plus renamed some other maps and gave them a prefix for what game mode is recommended for each map
  • Joel made new themes for each maps
  • Rewritten some of the JUST code to hopefully win some performance, but I haven't yet had time to test performance gain/loss
  • Rewrote explosions a little, some weapons might now have get buffed/nerfed, please let me know if something is imbalanced in any way and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!
  • Fixed a bug in file logging writing wrong dates

0.9000.2 (rev. 535)
Minor update - balance fixes and small gameplay improvements
  • Added and fixed a lots of sounds:
    • Sounds for first blood, killing sprees and double kills etc.
    • Added a sound when hitting anybody, indicating a hit, and a sound when getting hit, indicating damage taken
    • Changed some other sounds, like shooting with the rocketlauncher and with the crawler, throwing grenades etc.
    • Added a sound "click" that you can hear when you're out of ammo
  • Improved the weaponswitch a little; autoswitching weapons when you are out of ammo, or if you pick up more ammo for a weapon that is out of ammo
  • Made the velocity of the crawler and the grenades being affected by the velocity of the player
  • Added a new weapon landmines
  • Fixed a bug with name plates showing wrong colours (in teamplay mode)
  • Fixed a bug when setting sv_maxplayers to a lower number than before
  • Added a new screen telling you when you have been disconnected from the server, instead of just getting right into the lobby/main menu
  • Added some file logging

0.9000.1 (rev. 520)
Well, this is the first version having its own name, but I can say these things have been added since the last update on the site from May:
  • Some bugs and crashes are fixed, I guess
  • You can change map ingame, such as typing "sv_map dm1" would cause the server to change the map and levels to dm1
  • Added some new levels and maps
  • Two game modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, with score limit and stuff
  • You can now find servers both on the Internet and in the local network
  • Added a bunch of new weapons and balancing old ones
  • You can now see the character holding its weapon in them hands, but this still needs some work though